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RGF HR Agent Vietnam

RGF HR Agent Vietnam is a member of the global brand of Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd., Japan’s largest recruitment organisation, bridging you and your dream jobs

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Why RGF HR Agent Vietnam?

International Recruitment
RGF focuses on recruiting professionals across Banking and Finance, Trading and Manufacturing, IT, telecommunications and Service industry. We have offices in HK, Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing. We are linked up to a network of reputable affiliates located in HK, Singapore, China and Japan. Our consultants are professional to deliver the most suitable candidates, particularly those with 2-3 years experience or up to middle and senior management level, to fulfill your request timely and effectively. 

Business Training & In-house Seminar
Working closely with the professional business consultation companies, universities in HK, Singapore, China & Japan, RGF provides training programs on topics regards Management, Leadership, Customer Services, Inter-culture communications, Japanese corporate business practices, and business manners for both local hires and international staff. We tailor-made all the topics for the specific use after intensive discussion with the client. 

Consultation Service in Human Resources Management
RGF pays great emphasis on maintaining a long-term relationship with the clients, which builds on trust and regular communication. We are strongest in suggesting effective strategies for company establishment, staff management, human resources analysis, and recruitment solutions. Our reliable after-service to meet your wide needs will provide benefits for years. We also provide information regards to the Job Market such as salary review and trend, HR Seminar by different topic. 

Temporary Service, Translation & Interpretation Service
RGF provides professional translation and interpretation service to the clients. Our translators and interpreters are well-trained and well-experienced; all are praised by the clients in return. Besides that, we also provide staffing and temporary service in accounting, data entry, and secretarial support to fulfill the urgent need of manpower in a short period. 

Executive Search
Deal to the localization of the Multinational companies in HK, Singapore, China and Asia operations, RGF has experience to support the clients locating bilingual managers with the appropriate experience to fit for the enterprise. Using our unique search methodology, we dedicate our Senior manager and recruitment managers to handle the most sensitive and difficult cases.

We will make ourselves a bridge

We will serve as a bridge that leads you to possibilities beyond what you have even imagined.

To this goal, we will continue to take up the challenge beyond national boundaries, going ever forward.

RGF is the global brand for the Recruit Group, the major Japanese total HR service provider and information serviced corporation. 

The initials stand for Recruit Global Family. 

Recruit was established first in Japan, and we created this brand out of our commitment to take on the new challenge of serving as a bridge between individuals and information, and amongst individuals, in all the countries and regions where we are active.

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